Five Tools for Twitter

A cocktail of social media marketing and management tools for Twitter. Here’s which ones I can’t live without.

1. Buffer: Making retweeting much easier, and better for your followers

In short Buffer allows you to schedule your retweets. No longer fear flooding your followers’ feeds, buffer allows you to schedule your retweets in the easiest way possible. Just download the plugin. Here’s my favorite part, you can schedule right from Twitter, and the app automatically ads it to the next open spot in a schedule you define in advance. Brilliant.


2. Hootsuite: Old-school social media monitoring that still works

It’s an oldie, but goodie. I use Hootsuite to schedule a steady stream of evergreen content. I also like it for being able to monitor multiple streams at once.


3. Crowdfire: To help grow your reach

It used to be called JustUnfollow, now it’s called Crowdfire, and it’s a handy tool for keeping your following list tidy, and for easily following new people. Poke around, check it out, see where your imagination takes you.

4. Keyhole: Real-time hashtag and topic tracking

When Apple mysteriously closed Topsy, it left a hole in the social media analytics realm.


Luckily, Keyhole was there to pick up the pieces. I use it to monitor hashtags and to find the influential users around topics.


5. Tweet activity dashboard: Now with richer analytics

Time was you had to pay to properly analyze your twitter activity third-party management tools, such as Hootsuite. Not anymore. Twitter today offers robust reports, and for free. Once you have it set up, it’s super easy to figure out how to use it. Getting it set up however may be a little tricky at first. Here’s some additional reading to help get you started. Or follow the instructions below.

twitter dashboard